Pomegranate & Clementine Champagne Cocktails

Pomegranate & Clementine Champagne Cocktails | Yes to Yolks

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays!

We had a busy yet perfect Christmas this year. We divided our time between all the families, jet setting to North Carolina for a long weekend, and also making stops at all the local gatherings. It was a whirlwind. A wonderful whirlwind. Spending  uninterrupted time with family is the best gift I could receive.

Isn’t it funny how we spend so much time gearing up for ONE DAY each year, and then it’s over in a blink of an eye?! Crazy.  Don’t get me wrong: I love every second of it and would keep our live tree up through February if it was socially acceptable (and not a fire hazard), but sometimes, I have to laugh at what a spectacle Christmas has turned into.  It involves so much anticipation and effort, and then it’s just OVER before you know it!

Pomegranate & Clementine Champagne Cocktails | Yes to Yolks

Now, like everyone else, I’m looking toward the new year. I always find myself a bit depressed during the month of January. Not only because the fun and spirit of the holidays have passed, but also because a WHOLE ‘NOTHER YEAR has ended. They go by faster and faster as I get older. January is a dull, gray month around here, and most people seem slightly miffed that they are back to the daily grind. Myself included.

Pomegranate & Clementine Champagne Cocktails | Yes to Yolks

This year, I’m trying to face the new year with some positive thoughts.  I’m trying to focus on all the wonderful things ahead. This cocktail, for one, makes me instantly happy! And that’s not the booze talkin’. It’s just so pretty and festive and…DELICIOUS!

Pomegranate & Clementine Champagne Cocktails | Yes to Yolks

It’s perfect for ringing in the new year. It’s bubbly and sweet and…pretty. Wait, I already said that. But it is, right!? So fun.

Drink one (or two) of these and you’ll be happy to see that clock striking midnight on the 31st. And while I can’t guarantee a perfect year ahead, I can say that this drink will make your heart a little lighter and your mouth a little happier. Even if it is only temporary!

Pomegranate & Clementine Champagne Cocktails | Yes to Yolks





Pomegranate & Clementine Champagne Cocktails           (makes 2 drinks)


¼ cup pomegranate arils

1 clementine, peeled and segmented

2 tablespoons St. Germaine liqueur

2 tablespoons pomegranate juice

Champagne or sparkling wine, chilled


Divide the pomegranate arils and clementine segments between two champagne flutes. Add a tablespoon each of St. Germaine and pomegranate juice to each glass (you can certainly add more to taste).

Top off each glass with champagne/sparkling wine. Say “cheers!” and sip away!


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